I watched Julie and Julia. Yes, I am one of those. Awestruck by the writing and cooking combination, I loved the connection between past and present. About a year ago, I toured Julia’s kitchen in the Smithsonian. Have you been there? It is exactly like the movie, so if you haven’t been to D.C., I guess you wouldn’t have to go. But the 3-D version is always better somehow.

Like Julie, I am a young persona, but while she owned a stove and a kitchen sink, I am destined to live on a black futon in a garage-sized room. My little friend is a low-light plant named Hosea, (yes, I am also one of those who names plants. Right.) and my personal comforts include a mugful of Tazo tea and Dove dark chocolate.

Unlike Julie, I lack creativity. I saw the movie last fall with a friend of mine, and since then, I have been meaning to copy her, but I just have not settled upon the perfect imitation until today. The Peace Corps put out an amazing article, How To Write  A Novel In 100 Days Or Less, and now I am about to try it. Starting today? Not quite. Sleep must come first.

But since imitation is, according to Charles Caleb Colton, the sincerest of flattery, perhaps my little escapade can be deemed worthy of blogging attention. If so, please read on, and if not, then I bid you adieu with no offense taken. Until next time.


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