Reading As A Writer

Ms. Meryl K. Evans a “writer, editor, and researcher, compiled a list of,

“Top 25 Books for Writers.”


While she wrote it, I stumbled upon it, and as my #3 goal in life is to improve my mind and typing fingers with books, I headed for the library and looked up the list.

The college campus library is fairly extensive, and several of the books popped up straight from the catalog. My first selection? The Writing Life, by Annie Dillard. I started it last night, whizzing through one chapter at a time and finishing the first description at 1am.

I cannot help but call it a description. Dillard takes her reader through the eyes of a writer, vivid examples, almost like an impressionistic-realism painting for writers.

Now this list is double-sticky taped to my  hobbit hole’s wall, and hopefully, by the end of the week, the first check mark will embellish my “Top Twenty-Five.”

Recommend Dillard? Not sure yet but stay tuned for updates.


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