Beginning Writing Tools . . .

I wanted to start this book in the middle. It’s divided into four sections, so it would be easy enough, but I couldn’t get past how confused I would be later on when I am trying to remember what I learned.

And for that matter, I like starting things–at the beginning. There is something about opening the book and seeing, “Tool 1 – Begin sentences with subjects and verbs.”

Unfortunately, I am sure my excitement won’t last passed Tool 25 (there are 50 of them). I will then have to grind along until I reach the end. The exact same thing happens during school semesters . . . thank goodness endings are just as fun as beginnings. They really help out the middle monotony.

Coming back to Tool 1, the author Roy Peter Clark (copyright 2006 – earlier than Zinsser) says, “Make meaning early, then let weaker elements branch to the right.” Basically, spit out a noun and verb and then work on the rest of the sentence. Enough said.

Oh, and I think I am going to like Roy Peter Clark. His writing is fun. It’s bound to keep me awake.

Ta ta.


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