Scars — Why Story?

Because somehow in the grand scheme of things, it is stories that keep us going. Look at Hunger Games — it has our culture hooked right now.

Look at Harry Potter, the Twilight series, Lord of the Rings . . . and the stories continue. Book form, DVD entertainment, fast action video games, gossip in the lunch room . . . it’s the stories that intrigue us.

They keep us wanting to live. Offering hope in the midst of tragedy, new ideas in stagnant waters, they help us remember who we are as people. They encourage us by dishing out a little bit of understanding and compassion. With chaos erupting around us, they make us laugh.

And when there is nowhere to cry, it’s stories like The Notebook that gives us a reason to pull out the tissue box. Stories bring tears when nothing else can convince us . . . . to let it all go.

Stories . . . they offer hope.

In the following video script, the Skit Guys talk about scars, saying “ours are stories of pain and brokenness.”

Our scars tell our lives–they show how much just living every day hurts.

But God’s scars–those nail prints? “They are a story of forgiveness and healing . . . for all eternity.”

And that’s where hope comes in.

We’re living in the reality–in a true story–of hope.

Happy Easter.


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