Tool 7 ~ Fear not the long sentence.

“Take the reader on a journey of language and meaning.”

“Until the writer tries to master the long sentence, she is no write at all, for while length makes a bad sentence worse, it can make a good sentence better” (36).

Strategies for writing the long sentence (38):

1. “It helps if subject and verb of the main clause come early in the sentence.”

2. Use the long sentence to describe something long. Let form follow function.”

3. “It helps if the long sentence is written in chronological order.”

4. “Use the long sentence in variation with sentences of short and medium length.”

5. “Use the long sentence as a list or catalog of products, names, images.”

6. “Long sentences need more editing than short ones. Make every word count. Even. In. A. Very. Long. Sentence.”

Other thoughts about writing long sentences:

“Writing long sentences means going against the grain” (38).

So if you are afraid to write long sentences then “write what you fear” (36).


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