Half Way There

Reading through 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer, I just hit tool 25 today!

Tool 25 ~ Learn the difference between reports and stories.

Just to make sure it’s clear, “reports need not be dull, nor stories interesting” (124).

“Use one to render information, the other to render experience.”

“A wonderful scholar named Louise Rosenblatt argued that readers read for two reasons: information and experience. There’s the difference. Reports convey information. Stories create experience. Reports transfer knowledge. Stories transport the reader, crossing boundaries of time, space and imagination. The report points us there. The story puts us there” (124).

“Who becomes Character. 

What becomes Action. (What happened).

Where becomes Setting. 

When becomes Chronology. 

Why becomes Cause or Motive. 

How becomes Process (How it happened)” (125).


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