Tools 32 & 33 & 34

Tool 32 ~ Place gold coins along the path.

“Reward the reader with high points, especially in the middle.”

Three ways to keep a reader flipping the pages: foreshadowing, cliffhangers, and story engines.

A fourth way? “Imagine you are walking on a narrow path through a deep forest. You stroll a mile, and there at your feet you find a gold coin. You pick it up and put it in your pocket. You walk another mile, and, sure enough, you see another gold coin. What will you do next? You walk another mile in search of another coin, of course” (155) — Clark explaining a suggest from Don Fry.

And don’t be like a journalist who sticks all the gold coins in the first three paragraphs. Space it out. Keep the reader reading.

Tool 33 ~ Repeat, repeat, and repeat.

“Purposeful repetition links the parts.”

So make music when you write. Capture the rhythm so we can understand.

Tool 34 ~ Write from different cinematic angles.

“Turn your notebook into a camera.”

I think I do this already. When I get bored with my story, with what I am looking at, I zoom in or out to see something different–something that I haven’t noticed before. It keeps me entertained. Maybe it will keep my readers entertained as well.

Views include:

Aerial — look down from a blimp (167).

Establishing shot — “capture the setting in which action takes place, describing the world that the reader is about to enter . .”

Middle distance — Close enough to see the characters and the action.

Close-up — Get in their faces.

Extreme close-up — “the date circled on the wall calendar.”



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