Tool 40 ~ Draft a mission statement for your work.

“To sharpen your learning, write about your writing.”

Just like Flannery O’Connor! 🙂

This tool starts out Clark’s last section, titled, Useful Habits, which I actually need quite a bit of in my life. Habits–those things that keep me going when I am such a wreck or my life in general is such a wreck. The steady, day-in-and-day out occurrences that keep me ticking and keep me going towards my end goal.

I am learning it is a part of writing too.

Clark talks about his personal experience of writing, “Three Little Words,” and it is quite good. Before he even started his month-long series on a “woman whose husband died of AIDS,” he sat down and wrote a 250 word mission statement–something to tell him where he was going and how he was going to do it: basically, the content and the form.

Where was his story going? What was it going to say? What did he want to write and how was he going to write it?

I think this really stops me because I write just to spit stuff out. I don’t really think about what I am saying or even why I am saying it. Like writing a short story earlier this year, for instance, I just started rambling along, and after so many pages I stopped. Did I win the contest with that story? I’ll let you guess.

So, focus, content, form — write the mission’s statement. Right.



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