Tool 46 ~ Take an interest in all crafts that support your work.

Do you know what one of my biggest fears as a writer is? To be alone. Writers are usually by themselves, in far off corners or random places, stumbling over words, gnawing on their pencil erasers and imagining great ideas. Alone. And I don’t like that idea at all.

“I abhor the image of the writer as a solitary figure. That romantic stereotype, associated with loneliness and struggle, has alienated many aspiring writers and blown a cloud over one of the craft’s shining truths: that writing is a social activity” (223).

“To do your best, help others do their best.”

No writer writes alone, for no book is a book by itself. It only becomes a story by being read and that requires an audience.

Perhaps art and words absolutely defy their typical stereotypes, as Clark suggested. Perhaps it is in the very nature of creating art or story that an individual completely enters community.

So learn about the people surrounding your art form: the copyeditors, the designers, the photographers, etc.

And “one day, you will talk about these crafts without an accent.”

But more importantly, we writers don’t have to be alone! 🙂


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