The Summer Hum

It’s summer. Classes are out. And I have very little structure in my life. At least with writing and reading. There is practically no incentive for either . . . not because I don’t want to but because my time has bounced away like a rubber ball into family events, birthday parties, crazy adventures, and plane travel. I think I am just beginning to track my time ball back down again.

With stumbling upon un-scattered time, I am searching for incentive and ideas. My room (with a new roommate) has been picked up and laid down with style; my new jewelry organizer (made from an upsidedown soap holder) has been glued to the wall with care. Every shoe is in place, and the carpet is merely waiting for a sweeper. There is nothing else disheveled and out-of-place to put back to rights, so I am searching for creativity. Where have my ideas gone? They seem to have flown the coop.

Usually, or at least mostly, I run from ideas. I don’t like them. I don’t want to discipline myself to actually follow through and carry them out, and ideas without action are pointless–at least to me. So I run.

But some of my biggest delights are flipping through my art sketch pad and saying, “Hmmmm . . . that’s pretty,” or stumbling across some bit of dialogue I don’t remember writing and being caught up in it and delighting in it because it’s so fun and expressive and great! It may not be good writing, but it does capture a little bit of humanity somehow, and that’s exciting in itself because isn’t that the point of writing?

So I lost my ideas in the shift from semester to summer, but I’ve been shuffling back through the Story Doctor, and besides laughing at all the grammatical errors (Alas, the fate of being human!), I’m ecstatic. The blogs are doing their job. They are helping me REMEMBER.

The ideas are flitting back in quickly . . . hurriedly . . . name the dog . . . make the day book . . . drop gold coins . . . climb the ladder . . . talk to the people . . .

It’s time to keep this summer humming. 🙂


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