Where Do You Write?

I started writing in the first floor lounge: it was too quiet. I moved outside: it was too hot. I ended up on the floor at the bottom of the stairs (yes, on the floor), with my books around me, saying random hellos to whoever walks by. Why am I not in my room, or on the sofa, or under some shade tree outside? Simple–it’s too much work. Even with the distractions of my fellow colleagues, the fairly obnoxious air vent, and the blue hard floor, I would rather be here than work hard to figure out where I could create best.

But, I did go to all the effort and moved three times, and this is still the best I could do . . . . in that amount of time? Right.

You would think creative people would have some sort of idea where they liked to create things, but no, I wrich around until I find the right place, with the right air temperature, and the right noise level, and the right amount of people: never too much and never too little.

Sometimes it takes me too long. I’m being lazy, and I can’t find the right place, and I am frustrated, and I would like to throw something across the room, and there is no wood to chop outside (number one problem for being at college, right?), and meanwhile the clock ticks, and my time slips away until its bedtime, and so much for creating. My heart is unhappy, my time is unhappy, and my word document is sobbing.

How do you figure out where you create best in the shortest time possible?



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