It started about three years ago when I was stuck in a fix, between passions galore and too many college majors to chose from. I stumbled from a world of people to education to animals and plants to medicine to music to art and finally landed back on home plate–my first love–writing.

From fifth grade, I have been filling journals. From sixth grade, I have been writing research papers. In junior high I won poetry contests, and my last year of high school, I wrote a story–a children’s chapter book. I believe words might float in my blood.

But I am not satisfied with churning out words for the sake of the sound of syllables. People are too precious, and life hurts too much to stay behind a computer. I must act.

With words.

If you wonder through life, getting lost in libraries like I do, perhaps you are looking for story too and trying to figure out yours.

Let’s walk together, shall we?

And yes, if you’re wondering . . . . even today, no matter where I am, I still get lost in libraries.


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