Must Watch: The Spelling Bee

I used to say I was an English major, and I would look down at my shoes, my eyes frantically trying to hide between my half-lowered eyelids. I wasn’t too proud of the fact, and I didn’t really want anyone else to know I was a book-reading, fact-studying, eye-glass wearing, poor style-dressing, nerdy English major. I don’t think I was very proud of my major. In return, they’d sympathetically pat me on the shoulder and walk away, saying, “We don’t like reading either.” End of conversation.

However, I graduated from that stage of my life since I actually do like to read, and I do think writing is the greatest thing since strawberry jello, and I do like being an English major. Perhaps its just because I don’t wear glasses, but my enthusiasm seems to be contagious. Instead of sympathy, people keep shoveling URL addresses at me. “You have to see this! Brian Regan! He is soooo cool! He talks about spelling!” Go figure.

Here’s another one a friend shared with me today: